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The Gifted Program is an educational program for students identified as gifted in grades K-12 enrolled in St. Landry Parish schools.  Pre-school candidates must be between the ages of 3 and 5.  Classes provided reflect a high degree of complexity and extend beyond the prescribed curriculum offered in regular classrooms.

 The Talented Arts Program is an educational program for students identified as talented in visual arts, music, or theatre in grades K-12 in the St. Landry Parish schools.  Classes provided in these disciplines are designed to provide experiences that enable the talented student to further develop demonstrated skills, increase discipline knowledge, and grow as an artist.

 Enrichment for the Gifted and Talented

 Please call us if you suspect that your child has shown signs of being gifted or talented.  Any individual, age birth through 21 years old, may be referred for an evaluation if he or she seems to need special services to receive a proper education. 

Under Supervision of

Alvado Willis, Director


Tillie Carrier

Gifted and Talented


 Please contact:                                                                                

 St. Landry Parish Pupil Appraisal Center  

 (337) 948-3646 

Ext. 14201     

Characteristics of the gifted and talented learner

Characteristics of Talented