Where do I have to go for the orientation?


Who can attend the SLP Virtual Learning Academy?

The SLP Virtual Learning Academy is available for students in grades kindergarten - 12th grade. See the application for further details.


For the seniors doing virtual, will they graduate with their base school? 
Yes, they will graduate from their base school.
Where would virtual academy students take exams?  
In the virtual learning academy, exams will be taken from the home.   Students must report to their base school for state standardized assessments.

How will the virtual learning academy work for students in grades 6 - 12?

Students will be assigned to courses in Edgenuity and/or Edmentum based on their current schedule.  Work in these courses will be self-paced with the support of an assigned teacher. 


How will the virtual academy work for students in grades K-5? 

The Virtual Learning Academy will afford parents flexibility in learning time for their students.  K-5 students will have the option of engaging in a  live lesson daily for ELA, Social Studies, Math, and Science.


Will the grades for the virtual academy be in Jcampus? 

Yes, grades will be entered into JCAMPUS.  


Will kids doing virtual academy still be able to receive school lunches? 

Yes, grab and go lunches will be available for students. Students can go to any site to pick up meals.


Will there be an opportunity for students in the virtual academy to return back into school?
Yes, as noted on the application.

Will virtual academy students be assigned the same teachers or another program with different teachers? 
With only a few exceptions, you would have new teachers and would mainly be learning through an online curriculum via recorded lessons, practice, and assessments. 

Will the students still receive lunch/ breakfast meals from their base school while still doing virtual learning?
Yes, grab and go lunches will be available for students. Students can go to any site to pick up meals.

Will students who are in the virtual academy have to test to return to in-person learning at school?
No, there is no test to return to traditional, in-person schooling.

Will students who return from the virtual academy be academically ready to join in face-to-face classes? 
The virtual academy students will learn the same content as their in-person peers. 

Will students in the virtual learning academy at the high school level have the same courses that students participating in in-person learning are having?
Yes, however, the courses will be assigned via Edgenuity and/or Edmentum. 

What types of activities will the kids have to go to the school site for if they choose virtual instead of face to face? Students will report to the base site for state-mandated standardized testing.

Will each grade level have the opportunity for instruction from a teacher if they choose the virtual option?
Students in grades kindergarten - 5th grade have the benefit of live and recorded instruction.

Will the virtual program be monitored by administrators to ensure students are progressing? 

As in face-to-face instruction, students in grades kindergarten - 12th grade will be monitored by the assigned classroom teacher. When necessary, an administrator may be contacted to discuss a need for additional academic feedback and support.


Will special education and related services be available for virtual students?

Special education services and related services will be available for virtual students and will be addressed on the Remote Learning Plan. 


Who notifies the schools that the student has opted to go virtual? 

The district will notify school administrators of those students from their school who have opted to continue learning virtually.


If a student stays virtual for high school, will the student still half days with afternoons, with one on one with teachers, if needed?  

The student will be provided an opportunity to receive support from the teacher in the afternoon during the teacher’s office hours.


Can we do virtually all year? 

Yes, attending the Virtual Learning Academy affords one an opportunity for year-long attendance.


Will students' enrollment at their base school change?
Students who opt to participate in the Virtual Learning Academy will maintain enrollment status at their base school.

Will virtual be what face to face teaching at the same time? 

No, students who attend the Virtual Learning Academy will be provided instruction from teachers specifically assigned to the virtual program.


Will we be able to use the Chromebooks/tablets/hotspot that we received from school while doing virtual? 



Are the Biomed classes available on the virtual learning program?
The students will report to OHS Biomedical following their hybrid schedule for their Biomedical classes. All other classes can be taken through the Virtual Learning Academy.


What time will the “live” lessons start for the Virtual Academy 
Live instruction will begin at 8:00 am.


Will students continue virtual learning at home until students return to school?



Where do I locate my child's school email address?
The student email address format is as follows.   (Three initials+Last four digits of student ID number) example You may obtain from your teacher or by calling the support line at 337-942-0222.


Do I indicate that I have access to a computer if I am using the devices from school already?
Select no.  You will keep the device that you have already borrowed from the district.

If my child is in the virtual learning academy, will they still have lunch pick up using the same IDs they already have?



If we choose virtual, will they follow the same schedule that they are currently on?

The schedule for the Virtual Learning Academy will be different than your child’s current schedule.


Are students in the virtual learning academy able to attend extracurricular activities at their base school?

Yes, Students who participate in the Virtual Learning Academy will be afforded an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities at their base school.

How will students that do virtual academy do welding?
Students attending VLA, that wish to remain in Welding, should indicate that on the Commitment form along with the location.





What procedures are in place at school for in-person learning?  

Please refer to the strong start plan for the details on the many procedures in place this year like temperature checks, social distancing, etc. 


Will students have to wear a mask?

All students in grades 3 - 12 will be required to wear a face-covering while at school and on a school bus.

Students will remove their masks for breakfast and lunch and teachers can allow short breaks when necessary, but students should begin preparing to wear their face coverings for longer and longer periods of time as the prepare for in-person learning.


I would like to know if kids would be allowed to wear face shields if they choose to do face to face. 

No, refer to page 86 of the district strong start plan for guidance as it relates to facial coverings.


Will the buses be passing for full schedule students & students that do hybrid learning?



Will face to face students be allowed to keep devices? 

No, would have to be returned.


So how can you all assure the parents that measures are being taken to ensure the safety of our kids in regards to sanitation methods, how often it will be done? 

Cleaning and disinfecting will be done between classes and constantly throughout the day using approved EPA cleaning and disinfectant solutions as identified under the CDC guidelines.


How will social distancing be implemented when there are 20-30 or more students in the classroom?  

Students will be distanced to the maximum extent possible as required by the State Department of Education, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Louisiana Department of Health.


Will the kindergartners have to wear masks/face shields in school? 

It is not mandatory that Kindergarten students wear face coverings but they may wear them.


Will they be able to switch classes? 

Students will switch classes wearing their face coverings (in grades 3 -12) and social distancing to the maximum extent possible.


Will they be able to go outside for recess? 



If a student is in face-to-face instruction and later decides to go to the virtual academy, will we have that option? Yes, there are dates in which changes in the mode of delivery can be changed.


When will we know our kids' bus schedule?
You should be receiving a postcard in the mail within the week. If you do not receive the information, contact the transportation department.


Will students go to trade school for welding if they are doing face to face?
Due to the nature of the Welding course, students will be assigned a Hybrid day and must attend these classes in-person on their assigned days. When we return to daily rotations then they would attend daily, too.