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ELA Resources

Learn to Read with these helpful online resources
Beginning Reader Resource Chart Created by Vicki Martinez
Between the Lions
This site by includes games, stories, and videos. The stories include folktales and fables. The video clips include letter songs. the games include the quiet machine which asks kids to choose beginning sounds. Lions to Go includes audios, music videos, and character videos that can be downloaded.

Dolch Site Word Books


This is a very extensive site with Dolch words listed by grade, alphabetical order, and by nouns. There are also interactive books with sight words which include sounds. It's a list of a variety of sites. Really great resources.
Dolch Site Word Kit
This site includes charts for keeping records of student learning of sight words, a student practice book, flash cards, phrase cards, gameboards, bingo, concentration, and more.
JC Schools Interactive Reading Websites
This is a whole list of sites to explore. It includes Starfall, KidsReads, Nursery Rhymes 4 you, Book Pals, Reading Rainbow, and more.
Materials for Emerging Readers
"Beth Carter, a teacher at the Cape Fear Center for Inquiry in Wilmington, North Carolina, has written a series of several articles—titled Just the Facts— designed especially for emerging readers." Each link is about an animal. It lists facts. There are short answer questions to follow.

Mr. Nussbaum's Reading Comprehension Exercises


This is an amazing site which has reading comprehension downloads with questions for grades 3, 4, 5. the printables are two page pdfs with questions.

Mrs. Perkins' Dolch Words


This is a very extensive site with Dolch words listed by grade, alphabetical order, and by nouns. There are also interactive books with sight words which include sounds.
Phonics Blending Practice
This is like a game. Listen to a word, choose the beginning and ending sound and the blender tells if you are correct.
Interactive Reading Games for Kids
This includes games for following directions( plot a route on a map that visits the places in the right order), poetry(read a poem and answer 3 questions about it), nonfiction(choose a theme, words, and a title to make a book), and dictionary.
Star Fall
Star Fall is a great interactive primary site for reading and math. It includes links for ABCs, Learn to Read, It's Fun to Read, and I'm Reading. Star Fall teaches children to read with phonics.

English Resources

Explore online reading online reading resources with the sites below
Green Online Resource chart created by Ms. Vicki Martinez
Animated Tall Tales Read about Paul Bunyan with this fun animated site. Games and drawings are also available from the link.
Berenstein Bears
Click on parts of the tree to read about the bears. Go Fly A Kite, Soccer Star and To The Rescue are online books. Learn About Strangers, Forget Their Manners, and Stage Fright are videos that are available.
Book Hive
The Book Hive gives lots of reviews of books. On some parts of the site, you can listen to someone read stories. There are other fun activities and coloring pages as well.
Dolch Site Word Books
This includes links to pdfs, PowerPoints, and interactive books using Dolch sight words.
Folk Tales and Fairy Tales
Lesson Plans & Activities for Folktales, Fairy Tales, Tall Tales, Myths & Legends by Mr. Donn.
JC Schools Interactive Reading Websites
This is a whole list of sites to explore. It includes Starfall, KidsReads, Nursery Rhymes 4 you, Book Pals, Reading Rainbow, and more.
Kids' Reads Reviews
Click on a book and read the reviews.
Literature Stories Web Hour
This is a sample of online stories and activities.
My Online Reading (fiction and nonfiction books)
There are lots of online books to read on a variety of topics. The focus is on lower elementary.
National Geographic for Kids
Read about animals, pets, countries, news, and more.
Online Talking Stories
These are stories in movie form.
Spaghetti Book Club
This site does have stories to read online, but it also has book reviews.
Sports Illustrated for Kids
If you like sports, you'll love this. It has news and blogs, games, videos, etc.
This site has online stories. The appropriate age level is shown next to each. The stories have audio, words, and the words highlight when read.
Story Nory Christmas Stories
Story Nory has made a free audio story available every week since 2005.
TIME for Kids
This is like an online newspaper for kids. It includes news, around the world, photos, a homework helper and more.
Tumble Books ebooks
This is an online collection of animated talking picture books. There are 10 books available on this site.
Word Talk Text To Speech Download
This is a free text to speech download for your computer.

Math Resources

Money Program
Solve programs by choosing correct amount.
Great differentiation - three levels of difficulty

Count U.S. Coins
Practice with equivalent amounts

Counting Money

Shopping Spree
Match amounts to costs of items - good beginning game

Adding Money
Demonstration with dollar signs and decimal point

Change Maker
Can be challenging!

Challenge Money
Choose Count Money or Match Amounts
Includes a downloadable Recording Sheet

Cash Out
Click on coins to make change amount. Then click on Give Change.

Math Jingles
Listen and learn these fun jingles!
Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters
Make Change

Especially for Teachers and Parents
Grade 2 Math Activities for Teachers and Parents
Games and activities to help students understand money
Name That Coin
Money Match
Paper Money

Second Grade Math Skills
Scroll down for money links

Counting Money Worksheets

Let’s Compare
Count two sets of coins, then compare them with < > or =
Awesome practice for an important concept!!
Reminder: < less than, greater than >, = equals

Social Studies Resources


Below are helpful websites for activities and games on the states and capitals:


videos/songs on the 50 states and capitals below—the first is a longer song, like something you would hear on the radio, and the second is just a list to the “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” tune from the oldAnimaniacs cartoon. (Note: the spelling for a capital city is “capital” not “capitol” as the cartoon shows. The “ol” ending is only used to refer to the actual building in which a state or federal legislature meets.)


Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Panoramic Views of the World

History Center


Science Resources

Research Skills

Expand your research skills with these helpful online resources
 Research Skills Resource Chart created by Ms. Vicki Martinez
Ask Jeeves for Kids
When you type in a word, you are taken to many different links on a particular topic. This is also great for teachers looking for sites for kids to use.
Ben's Guide to Government
This site is geared for K-12. Click on the kite for the grades of your choice for information on government that is age appropriate.
Copyright Kids
Learn about copyrights. Learn how to copyright your own information. Just click on the words.
Create a Graph
Use this tool to create all kinds of graphs online. You can then print out the graph. It's easy to use. Be sure to know the difference between the axis and the axis. x is short. It's the horizontal axis. Y is tall, it's the vertical axis.
Create a Graph Classic
Use this site if you are not sure which kind of graph to choose, or if you have not used create a graph before, then this site is for you. There is a graph tutorial here.
This site was created by librarians for kids in Grades 3-8. It contains many links from art to social studies.
This site does work as an encyclopedia, but does contain google ads at the top of each search.
Encyclopedia of Louisiana
This site is an extensive list of information on Louisiana from authors to information on time periods in history to Regions and Media.
Fact Monster - Kids' Almanac
Fact Monster contains an almanac, an encyclopedia, a thesaurus, and a dictionary. The search section is ad-free.
Growth of A Nation Animated Atlas
This atlas related to the growth of our nation. Click on the year and go to timelines of important events. There is also a great instructional video with the map.

Info Please


General searches plus almanacs, biographies, dictionaries, encyclopaedia, spelling
K12 Educational videos
Educational Lessons, Videos, and Games for K-12 Kids
Kids Click Web Search for Kids Designed by Librarians
A good site for kids to surf for answers safely.
Safe Internet Searches
Kids can surf this site safely. The links were developed by librarians and include searches by subject, newspapers and magazines, and special collections created by ipl2, For Kids, and For Teens.
K-12 Tech Resources
This is a database of 2500 kid safe learning resources.
State Symbols of the United States
This site gives information on a long list of symbols for each state in the United States. It also includes poetry from that state and more.